My Administrators List of iPad Applications

I am relatively new to the use of the iPad, but in the short period of time I have been using it, I have explored a countless number of applications. My list of applications has expanded and contracted as I have found better apps to help me do my job as an administrator and as an educator.

E-Books Apps

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Free Books:This app provides users with 23,469 books. It has an easy customizable screen so users can control their reading experience. You can check out the iTunes Preview of this app here.
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iBooks: This is Apple's e-reader app. It has an interface that is customizable to what the user needs. Users can purchase and read current titles through this app, and also download some the free e-books that are available. Users can also download PDF files to read in this viewer as well. It allows users to highlight and make textual notes too. For more information on this app, check here.
external image nook-ipad-2-app-150x150.png
NOOK iPad: This app gives users access to all the e-books available through Barns and Noble. Users can also customize their reading experience by doing things like adjusting the font size or the screen contrast. Users can also highlight and make textual notes as they read. For more information on the NOOK for iPad application, check here.

Multimedia Apps

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TED: This app gives users access to all of the TED Talks in the TED library. Users can watch any of the popular talks right on their iPad. For more information on the TED app see here.

News and Information Apps

On the Job Apps

Social Media Apps

Web 2.0 Applications