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In this wiki, you will find various ideas, strategies, and tools for both teachers and administrators as we take on the monumental task of bringing our schools into the 21st century. My name is John Robinson and I am currently serving as a principal in a school system in North Carolina. I have been an administrator for almost five years, classroom teacher for sixteen years, and an instructional technology specialist for one year.

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The 21st Century Principal
  • Be Careful of Your Quotes: Einstein Probably Didn't Say That Insanity Quote Monday
    We've all heard this quote, or might have even used it:"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."I've heard ed reformers and educators pushing change and innovation use this quote many times...
  • Did I Really Need That Amazon Echo Dot? Jul 12, 2017
    I received an email telling me that Amazon was offering its Prime Members its Echo Dot for less than $35. I had seen the commercials, and certainly was fascinated with the device, so I broke down and purchased it.After a day of experimenting with ...
  • Killing Innovation Through Standardization Jun 28, 2017
    Have you ever encountered a program, a product, or an educational practice that is worthy enough to be implemented state-wide or even district-wide? I haven't. Really, in almost 30 years as an educator I've outlasted more programs and initiatives ...
  • Education Administration's History with Eugenics: What Can Be Learned from the Past Jun 21, 2017
    Some of our "founding fathers" of educational administration around the turn of the 20th century actually supported the "Science of Eugenics" as it is called. That's right; they supported sterilizations and other measures to "improve the human sto...
  • If You Want Students to Be Passionate Readers, Learn from This May 22, 2017
    It is easy to forget during the season of testing just what it is about reading that lures us in. We can become hung up in test prep---exposing students to so-called "test questions" and sample passages---and in the process utterly blaspheme the j...

Bio Information

John Robinson has been an educator for twenty-one years. He earned a BA in English from UNC Charlotte, MA Instructional Technology Specialist from Appalachian State University, MSA School Administration from Appalachian State University, and EdS Education Administration from Appalachian State University.