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In this wiki, you will find various ideas, strategies, and tools for both teachers and administrators as we take on the monumental task of bringing our schools into the 21st century. My name is John Robinson and I am currently serving as a principal in a school system in North Carolina. I have been an administrator for almost five years, classroom teacher for sixteen years, and an instructional technology specialist for one year.

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The 21st Century Principal
  • Where Have I Been and Why I've Not Been Blogging Oct 13, 2017
    I realize my blogposts have dropped off precipitously lately, but there is a simple explanation: I've been working on my doctoral dissertation. The simple truth is that all the writing energy I could muster has been directed toward the creation of...
  • Having Trouble Organizing Your Google Drive? Take Charge with These Tips Aug 27, 2017
    Managing documents in your Google Drive account can be problematic, especially if your district and your staff use Google Docs, Google Slides, or Google Sheets a great deal. What do so that you can access those documents you need to use the most? ...
  • Should Children Play Football? Is It Safe? No, It Is Not Aug 15, 2017
    "Wherever I go," writes Dr. Bennet Olmalu in his new book, Truth Doesn't Have a Side, "people ask me one question more than any other: 'Dr. Omalu, is it safe for my child to play football?' The answer is simple. 'No it is not."With those words, th...
  • Advice to New Teachers 2017: Teaching as Stepping Stone and Not Career Aug 9, 2017
    As a 28 year experienced educator my advice for those entering the profession this year is simple. There was a time when teachers could expect that teaching would be a career. You could expect to enter a profession that valued your work and that w...
  • NC Legislative Still Manages Devalue Public Ed with New Principal Pay Scale Jul 22, 2017
    After this year’s North Carolina General Assembly sessions, what can one say about principal pay? Somehow we have a legislature that thinks administrators in North Carolina should be somehow grateful that they’ve alotted an additional ...

Bio Information

John Robinson has been an educator for twenty-one years. He earned a BA in English from UNC Charlotte, MA Instructional Technology Specialist from Appalachian State University, MSA School Administration from Appalachian State University, and EdS Education Administration from Appalachian State University.