Twitter Resources

I have been using Twitter for almost three years now. It is the cornerstone of my own Professional Learning Network (PLN). When I started using it, I only occasionally Tweeted, and usually those Tweets were about ordinary things during the day. One evening, while I was reading a book, I decided to post some quotes from that book on Twitter. When I did that, I immediately got responses from followers and from non-followers who also liked the quotes or wanted to respond to them. For months before that evening, I had not had a follower increase in months. Suddenly, I gained twenty or thirty followers in a days time. Today, as @21stprincipal, my Twitter follower list grows hourly. Part of that is due to my belief in its ability to share.

Now, two years later, I do not claim to be an expert on Twitter, but I have learned a few things about it. Here's some of the things I've learned:

  1. If you want to increase the number of those who follow you, you have to Tweet. You can't just set up a profile and hope someone finds it. You have to Tweet regularly. Through out the day, I share links to resources, ideas, thoughts, and even quotes. To really get connected in the PLN, you have to contribute.
  2. You have to respond to others. When someone makes a comment about something I've posted, I try to comment back. While the 140 character format is not ideal for a conversation, it is a way to keep ideas going.
  3. Engage in events like #edchat. To engage in this case means more than -passively watching the #edchat Tweets flow across the screen. You have to jump in and share thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it is even appropriate to throw in an idea that will generate even more Tweets. Out of this exchange of ideas, a great deal can be learned.

In recent months, I have been collecting resources related to Twitter. Here are some of those.

Twitter Client Applications

Tweetdeck: This client is my favorite and the one I use most often. It allows you to follow multiple columns across the screen, and you can even include your Facebook feed as well. There is a desktop version, iPad version, Android version, and a Chrome App version. To get those applications check out the web sites below.

Tweetdeck Web Site

Seesmic: You can use