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Must-Have iPad Apps for Administrators and Educators

Web 2.0 for Administrators and Teachers

Web 2.0 applications are second generation web applications in which content is user generated and dynamic, and in which software offers programs that mimics desktop software that encourages collaboration and communication between users. Much of Web 2.0 software is free or inexpensive, and the amount of Web 2.0 software available on the web constantly fluctuates as companies offer new products and close unsuccessful ones. This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some of the most interesting Web 2.0 tools I've found.

Online Utilities: These are Programs that allow users to do things like convert files to other formats, or run diagnostics of computer performance.

ZAMZAR: This is a free online file conversion site. With this utility, users can convert image files, document files, music files, video files, ebook files, and a few other types of files. There is a file size limit for the free version, but ZAMZAR offers relatively inexpensive monthly prices as well.
ZAMZAR Website

Nitro PDF to Word File Converter: When users need a PDF converted to a word processing format to enter information or to edit the document, this online site allows them to do that.They also offer users a Word to PDF converter, PDF to Excel converter, and a free PDF reader.
Nitro PDF to Word File Converter Website

Embedit.in: This web site allows you to embed any document in your web pages. For example, you have a PowerPoint presentation you want to embed in your blog. Use Embedit.in to create the code to make that happen. Or maybe you have a PDF of your Spring Exam schedule, and you want to place it on your web site but do not want to type it again. Use Embedit to do just that.
Embedit Website

Fill Any PDF: Suppose someone sends you a form to complete in PDF format. Your usual option is to print it out and hand write your information into the form and fax or mail it. With Fill Any PDF you can complete the form and send it to them electronically. There are both free and paid options for this online tool. The free version places a watermark on the document you are completing.
Fill Any PDF Web Site

Free YouTube Converter: Suppose you had a YouTube video that you would like to play on your MP3 device such as your iPod. This free YouTube converter allows you to do that with ease.
Free YouTube Converter Web Site

OpenWith.Org: Have you ever had a computer file, but not the program to open it with. This web site connects you to a free program that will allow you to open and read that file.
OpenWith.Org Web Site

Zinepal: This site allows you to convert your blog or website into a PDF file or an ebook file. The usefulness of this feature is that allows your to read the blog or site in either your favorite PDF reader or in your Kindle or Nook.
Zinepal Web Site

Collaborative Tools: Collaboration is really what many of the Web 2.0 tools are about. This category of programs allows users to work together on projects, whether that project is writing a paper together, or just having a meeting. These are tools that can be used to work together without being in close proximity.

Popplet: This is a visual collaborative environment very similar in some ways to Inspiration. Users can create webs using shapes or actual photos. You can share and collaborate by sending a link to your popplet to others by email.
Popplet Web Site