Free Online Photo Resources

How many times have you found yourself looking for some photos to add to your presentation, or perhaps to your newsletter. Here are some free photo sources you might find useful when working on your new presentation.

Public Domain Images

Thousands of copyright free images in high resolution, free for any use. Good easy navigation and search function, and all images are free for any private and commercial use.

Image After

This site is a large, free online source of photos. You can choose your photos by categories, by textures, or by search. If you are a photographer, you can even donate your own images. The screen interface is intuitive and gives rather easy access to hundreds of photos.


This site bills itself as a search engine for free photos. You can sign up for a free account for added features such as being able to rate, tag, collect, and comment on photos.

This site boasts over a hundred thousand images organized into over 3,000 categories. The whole collection is searchable. You can also access photos by predetermined categories.


This photo gallery says it was started in 1998. It's stated audiences are artists, developers, teachers, and students. It also states explicitly that it is not a bulk photo hosting service.


ImageBase is a searchable collection of free photos. They also have some categories for browsing as well, including a Presentation Background section. This collection is very easy to use as well.


Stock.xchng is an extensive collection of photos. This particular collection has both a browsing feature and an advanced search feature that allows for more searchability.


MorgueFile is a public image archive. It boasts being a collection of images for "creatives." It also is a searchable collection as well. Some of these images are unique and distinctive and might be especially useful in creating presentation backgrounds.

I am positive there are more photo and image collections out there that I have not included. Please share any of those and I'll get those added.