Social Media Tools for Classroom

Recently, I asked the question on Twitter, "Are there any examples of effective use of Facebook as an instructional tool?" I received only one response in which a teacher stated that she uses Facebook basically as a communication and sharing tool. School administrators obviously have lots of concerns about Facebook, and very often, it is blocked on school networks because of these concerns. The responses I received from my PLN on Twitter were overwhelmingly against using Facebook as any kind of instructional tool. It was just considered too unsafe. If the only rationale for using Facebook is as a classroom communication tool, then any uses of it in the classroom are weak at best. There are just too many better alternatives out there for students to use. Here are some of the social media tools I have collected recently. If getting students interested in your class involves giving them some kind of social dimension, these tools will help you facilitate that.


This site is designed for education interaction, and has in some ways the same look and feel of Facebook. Edmodo allows users to post short messages to other group members. It has a public timeline for an entire class or group, and it also allows for direct messaging. Teachers can create groups or classes and assign privileges for those groups. Teachers can post assignments, announcements, and reminders for students. Students can also share files with other members, and students can turn in assignments to teachers as well. There is also a calendar feature so that students can track dates too. For more information and access to Edmodo, check here. Here's some ideas and resources to get you started using Edmodo in your school or classroom. There is an iPhone app and Android app available for Edmodo too.

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